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The Business of Solar™

To schedule any of these seminars for your organization email LMerry (at) Courses are customized based on student learning objectives and sponsor requirements.

This fast-paced and entertaining industry orientation explores the five core influencing topics that describe the grid-tied PV industry: technology basics, industry value chain, economic analysis, policy drivers, and customer sectors. In addition to gaining insights about how to develop business with solar companies, participants learn how to research the industry themselves, what are the key organizations and events, and how to build their own solar business.

This workshop is primarily directed to entrepreneurs seeking to start a solar business and/or develop business with the solar industry, with a primary focus on grid-tied PV, and secondary review of solar thermal and utility scale projects. Those seeking employment in primary or secondary solar industries are encouraged to attend the Solar Careers and Opportunities workshop.

(a.k.a. Solar Industry Primer, Solar Industry Orientation)

Solar Careers and Opportunities™

This full-day workshop is for anyone seeking a new career in the solar industry. The workshop covers the general industry landscape, including: technology basics, economic size and scope, policy and regulatory drivers, career paths and training resources.  By the end of the day workshop participants will have a clearer understanding of the options, where they want to be within the industry, and how to take the next steps toward that goal.

This workshop is primarily directed to those seeking employment in the primary or secondary solar industry. Entrepreneurs seeking to start a new business, or businesses seeking to work with the solar industry are encouraged to attend Solar Industry Orientation for Businesses.

Energy Careers and Opportunities™

The state of California has made energy efficiency the top priority for investment and focus to meet our clean energy goals, and they are tying efficiency to renewables through incentives, regulations, and education programs.

This course provides a rapid review of BOTH energy efficiency and grid-tied PV industries. It includes brief technology review of EE metering and the smart grid technologies now being implemented, as well as presenting how EE programs are funded and the associated employment opportunities.

The course is useful for government agency staff, job seekers, electrical engineers who want to begin working in EE and/or PV, and entrepreneurs seeking to build a holistic “energy services” business.

Solar 101 for Homeowners™

Solar PV is quickly becoming a mainstream option for homeowners. Yet the technology options are many and it is challenging to assess the economic proposition presented by solar installers.

Which technology is right for your home? What should you expect once the system is installed?

This workshop presents what the technology is, how it works, what your options are, and how to proceed with your residential retrofit energy project.

This (non-commercial, unbiased) workshop enhances the customers arsenal of solar knowledge while making the process of “going solar” as simple as possible.

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