Student Reviews

Selected highlights from three years of solar industry career and business courses
2010 2009 2008

“This was an awesome presentation!”
Solar Careers and Opportunities, March 2010

“Very well worth the time and effort!”
Energy Careers and Business Opportunities, Stockton Training Center, April 2010

“Excellent. Well organized speaker and material.”
Business of Solar, CCSE, May 2010


“Liz made a complex field clearer and gave direction to new career options.”
Solar Careers and Opportunities, Spring 2009

“It's a must for anyone venturing in this area.”
Renewable Energy World, North America (Las Vegas), March 2009

“Excellent instructor, well prepared and extremely knowledgeable on the subject. Great introductory course.”
Solar Industry Orientation, UC Berkeley Extension, April 2009

“Don’t change a thing it was perfect. Liz was informative, direct, well-paced. Her material was interesting, colorful, and engaging.”
Find Your Dream Job in Solar, February 2008

“Learned way more than I expected to. We really enjoyed it. Awesome!”
Find Your Dream Job in Solar, April 2008

“Very knowledgeable and appears to enjoy what sheʼs really helps.

Very clear and easy to follow. Very informative course for individuals to determine if they want to pursue a career in this industry now or later.”
Find Your Dream Job in Solar, July 2008

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